Das Verpackungswerk.
Optimale Verpackungen aus Bayern.
Just in time für Europa.
Papier Karl - Verpackungslösungen mit Know How und Performance
Das Verpackungswerk.
Produktion, Lagerung, Lieferung.
Perfekt abgestimmt auf Ihre Logistik.
Papier Karl - Verpackungslösungen mit Know How und Performance
Das Verpackungswerk.
Kartonagen so individuell wie Ihr Produkt.
Sprechen Sie mit uns!
Papier Karl - Verpackungslösungen mit Know How und Performance
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Papier Karl GmbH & Co Vertr.-KG, based in the district of Erding near Munich, was founded in 1964 and is one of the largest independent regional cardboard manufacturing companies. The company offers high quality packaging for storage and transport made of corrugated board. Robert Karl is the sole managing director and owner in the second generation. With the company he stands for social and economic responsibility, environmental protection and for the preservation of Germany as a production location. The latter is an essential objective of the company, therefore the strategic orientation is always dynamically aligned under the aspect of securing the location. For Papier Karl, Germany as a production location means maintaining and protecting the welfare of the regional community.
Cardboard boxes for storage & transport from Papier Karl. Manufactured in Germany



All companies have similar demands on their suppliers and business partners:
Integrity – Trust – Humanity – Reliability – Economy – Responsibility
The values according to which the management of Papier Karl manages the company meet these expectations, because they are also ours. 
”Today this way, tomorrow that way” – that is not us. We vouch for our statements. 
Our customers can count on us, even if something does not work according to plan. 
Behind every contract, every agreement there is a person who carries the decision. 
We think ahead and know how important it is to reliably meet deadlines, for example, to ensure our customers’ ability to deliver. 
Our price calculations are constantly put on trial and therefore guarantee the best possible price/performance ratio. 
To keep these company values alive, we need the right employees. Motivation through appreciation, demand and promotion of performance, collegial interaction between all hierarchical levels are only some of the topics we implement in the daily interaction of the company. We take seriously
the responsibility for our employees, including the preservation of jobs, as well as for a sustainable environmentally friendly economy.
Today, Papier Karl is managed with the necessary strategic foresight to ensure that it will be available to future generations of the owner family as a fulfilling life task and to secure the existence of many families as employers.


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